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Fabula Facilis: Puer et Paedagogus

Puer ad fluminis profundi oram ludit,
et pede lapsus est.
Salix ei opem dat;
puer labens manu prehendit.
Arbor sic puerum pendulum sustinet,
ne pereat,
in undae voraginem mersus.
Paedagogus huc advenit et dicit,
semper evagantur nebulones mei.
Quare mihi numquam obsequuntur?
Non feram, non patiar, non sinam!
O puer proterve,
e periculo praesenti te eripiam,
at profecto non feres impune!
Simul ac domum reduxero,
tibi flagris perbelle admonitum dabo,
quantum satis erit
ut huius facti memineris diu!"
diro flagrorum metu externatus,
salicem relinquit
et, fluctu obrutus, perit.

This story is based on 962. Puer et Paedagogus.
Puer et Paedagogus

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puer - boy
et - and
paedagogus - teacher
ad - to, toward
flumen - river, stream
profundus - deep
ora - shore, coast
ludo - play
et - and
pes - foot
labor - slide, glide, slip
salix - willow
is - he/she/it
ops - power, help, resources
do - give
manus - hand
prehendo -grasp, grab
arbor - tree
sic - in this way
pendulus - hanging, dangling
sustineo - hold up, sustain
ne - so that not, lest
pereo - perish, die
in - in, into
unda - wave
vorago - chasm, deep hole
mergo - sink, submerge
huc - to this place, hither
advenio - come, arrive
et - and
dico - say
ecce - behold
semper - always
evagor - wander off, stray
nebulo - rascal
meus - my, mine
quare - for what reason, why
ego - I
numquam - never
obsequor - yield to, obey, humor
non - not, no
fero - bear, carry, endure
patior - suffer
sino - allow
O - o! oh!
protervus - reckless, shameless
ex - from, out of
periculum - danger, peril
praesens - present
tu - you
eripio - snatch, take, rescue
at - but
profecto - surely, certainly
impune - with impunity, without punishment
simul ac - at the same time as
domus - home
reduco - lead back, bring back
flagrum - whip, scourge
perbelle - very nicely
admonitus - warning
do - give
quantus - how much, as much
satis - enough, sufficient, adequate
sum - be
ut - so, so that, in order to
hic - this
factum - deed
memini - remember
diu - for a long time
dirus - grim, terrible
metus - fear
externatus - terrified, frightened
relinquo - abandon, let go of
fluctus - wave
obrutus - overwhelmed, crushed
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Miles Becker

Laura Gibbs said...

Hi Miles, thank you for your nice note. I actually don't teach Latin anymore (it's been years since I have taught in fact), so I do the blogs just as a hobby. But do you know about the LatinTeach listserve? It's a very active email listserve, and you might find some teachers there to work with on your project! Here is information about the list:
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