Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Asinus Leonis Pelle Indutus

Asinus in silvam venit,
ubi pellem leonis offendit.
Pelle leonis indutus,
asinus in pascua redit:
ecce, greges territat,
et armenta fugat!
Herus autem asinum quaerit,
"Ubi es tu,
vagus et fallax asinus?!"
asino occurrit.
Asinus herum videt,
et, cum rugitu, obviam facit.
At herus eius auriculas prehendit,
"Auriculas tuas exstantes video;
asini vero auriculae sunt,
non leonis.
Alios fallere potes,
sed ego te probe nosco!"

This story is based on 234. Asinus Leonis Pelle Indutus.

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asinus - donkey
leo - lion
pellis - skin, pelt
induo - put on, wear
in - in, into
silva - forest, woods
venio - come
ubi - when, where
offendo - run into, stumble upon
pascuum - pasture-land
redeo - go back, return
ecce - behold, look
grex - flock, herd
territo - frighten, terrify
et - and
armentum - cattle, herd
fugo - put to flight, chase away
herus - master, owner
autem - but, however
quaero - seek, look for
clamo - shout, call out
sum - be, exist
tu - you
vagus - wandering, roving
fallax - deceptive, tricky
tandem - finally
occurro - run into, meet
video - see
cum - with
rugitus - bellow, roar
obviam facio - meet, be cross paths
at - but, while, on the other hand
is - he/she/it
auricula - ear (diminutive of auris)
prehendo - grasp, seize
dico - say
tuus - your, yours
exsto - stand out, be visible
vero - indeed, in fact
non - no, not
alius - other, another
fallo - trick, deceive
possum - can, be able
sed - but
ego - I
probe - properly, rightly
nosco - know
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