Monday, December 27, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Simia et Catuli Eius

Animalia olim contendunt.
"Quis liberos pulcherrimos habet?" quaerunt.
Omnia animalia adsunt cum liberis suis.
Venit simia quoque,
et catulos suos brachio gestat.
Cum simiam vident,
cetera animalia rident.
Continuo simia exclamat,
"Immo catuli mei sunt aliis longe pulchriores!"

This story is based on 107. Simia et Catuli Eius. Notice that in the image it is Zeus, depicted as a human king, who is the judge in the beauty contest of the baby animals.

Simia et Iuppiter - Osius

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simia - monkey, ape
et - and
catulus - baby, offspring
is - he/she/it
animal - animal
olim - once, once upon a time
contendo - have a contest, compete
quis - who
liberi - children
pulcher - beautiful, handsome
habeo - have
quaero - ask, inquire
omnis - all, every
adsum - be present, attend
cum - with, together with
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
venio - come, arrive
quoque - also
brachium - arm
gesto - carry, bear
cum - when
video - see
ceterus - rest, remaining
rideo - laugh, mock
continuo - immediately, without delay
meus - my, mine
sum - be, exist
alius - other, another
longe - at a distance, by far
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