Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Asinus et Viatores Duo

Duo viatores in solitudine errant.
Ecce, asinum vident!
Accurrunt, laeti, et asinum capiunt.
Mox autem contentio inter eos est:
quis asinum domum abducet?
Hic viator clamat,
"Ego prior asinum vidi,
et ego mihi asinum vindico."
Ille viator clamat,
Ego prior asinum vidi,
et ego mihi asinum vindico."
Dum viatores de asino sic clamant,
asinus aufugit
et neuter lucrum facit.
Si duo litigant, tertius gaudet!

This story is based on 241. Asinus et Viatores Duo.
Asinus Controversus

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asinus - donkey
et - and
viator - traveler
duo - two
in - in, into
solitudo - wilderness, desert
erro - wander, go astray
ecce - behold, look
video - see
accurro - run to, run up to
laetus - happy
capio - catch, capture
mox - soon, shortly, next
autem - but, however
contentio - argument, struggle
inter - among, between
is - he/she/it
sum - be, exist
quis - who
domus - home
abduco - lead away, take
hic - this, this one
clamo - shout
ego - I, me
prior - first, earlier
vindico - claim, lay claim
ille - that, that one
haudquaquam - no way, not
de - about
sic - thus, in this way
aufugio - run away, flee
neuter - not either, neither
lucrum - profit, gain
facio - make
si - if
litigo - go to court, dispute
tertius - third
gaudeo - rejoice, be happy
M0241 (not in Perry)

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