Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Asinus et Grammaticus

Grammaticus quidam dicit,
"In arte mea excellens sum!
Si merces digna dabitur,
non modo pueros,
verum etiam asinum docebo!"
Princeps grammatici temeritatem audit.
Princeps grammatico dicit,
"Si quinquaginta aureos tibi dabo,
intra decem annos asinum legere docebis?"
Grammaticus impudens respondet,
"Certe asinum legere et scribere docebo!
Si in hoc spatio temporis hoc non facio,
O princeps, me occidere potes!"
Amici hoc audiunt et admirantur.
Sic eum increpant, dicentes,
"Amice, rem non modo difficilem
verum etiam impossibilem facere promittis!
Post decem annos,
asino legere et scribere nesciente,
princeps te occidet!"
Grammaticus amicis respondet,
"Amici mei, ne timeatis!
In hoc decennio,
aut asinus morietur,
aut princeps,
aut ego."

This story is based on 239. Asinus et Grammaticus.
Grammaticus et Asinus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Brant images. It looks like the donkey thinks the lesson book is very tasty! :-)
asinus - donkey
et - and
grammaticus - scholar, teacher
quidam - one, a, a certain
dico - say, speak
in - in, into
ars - art, skill
meus - my, mine
excellens - outstanding, excellent
sum - be, exist
si - if
merces - pay, salary, reward
dignus - worthy
do - give
non - not, no
modo - only (= tantummodo)
puer - boy
verum - truly
etiam - also
doceo - teach
princeps - prince
temeritas - boldness, audacity
audio - hear, listen
dico - say, speak
si - if
quinquaginta - fifty
aureus - gold, gold coin
tu - you
intra - within, inside of
decem - ten
annus - year
lego - read
impudens - shameless, bold
respondeo - answer, reply
certe - certainly, for sure
scribo - write
hic - this, this one
spatium - space, extent
tempus - time
non - not, no
facio - make, do
O - o! oh!
ego - I, me
occido - kill
possum - can, be able
amicus - friend
admiror - wonder, be amazed
sic - in this way, thus
is - he/she/it
increpo - rebuke, criticize, chide
res - thing, business
difficilis - difficult, hard
impossibilis - impossible
promitto - promise
post - after
nescio - not know, not be able to
ne - not, do not, so that not
timeo - be afraid, fear
decennium - ten year period
aut - or
aut...aut... - either...or...
morior - die

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