Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Aquila et Leo, Amici

Aquila leoni advolat et dicit,
"Me sociam recipe!"
Leo aquilae dicit,
"Quid vetat?
Sed pennas tuas celeres video.
Pignus ergo mihi dare debes.
Si pignus amicitiae mihi das,
scio te pactum amicitiae non deserturam.
Quomodo enim tibi amicae confidam
non domisedae?"

This story is based on 406. Aquila et Leo, Amici.

aquila - eagle
et - and
leo - lion
amicus - friend, friendly
advolo - fly up to
dico - say, speak
ego - I, me
socius - ally, associate
recipio - receive, accept
quid - what
veto - forbid, prohibit
sed - but
penna - feather
tuus - your, yours
celer - swift, fast
video - see
pignus - pledge, token, promise
ergo - therefore
do - give
debeo - must, should, ought
si - if
amicitia - friendship
scio - know
tu - you
pactum - agreement, pact
non - not, no
desero - forsake, abandon, quit
quomodo - how, in what way
enim - for, as a matter of fact
confido - have confidence in, believe
domiseda - she who stays at home
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