Saturday, December 04, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Avarus et Poma Marcescentia

Vir valde avarus est.
Poma in horto eius pulcherrima sunt,
quasi poma in hortis Alcinoi et in hortis Hesperidum.
Vir poma plurima colligit, sed parce comedit.
Comedere vero non audet, nisi poma iam corrupta sunt.
Vir ille avarus est, sed filius eius liberalis.
Amicos ad pomaria ducit et poma eis dat, dicens,
"Accipite ex his omnia poma quae vultis,
praeter poma corrupta et marcescentia.
Comedere huius modi poma patri meo placet."
Amici huic praecepto libenter obtemperant!

This story is based on 984. Avarus et Poma Marcescentia.

avarus - miser, greedy person
et - and
pomum - fruit, apple
marcesco - wither, shrivel
vir - man
valde - very, strongly
sum - be, exist
in - in, into
hortus - garden, orchard
is - he/she/it
pulcher - lovely, beautiful
quasi - as if
Alcinous - King Alcinous
Hesperides - Hesperides
plurimus - very many
colligo - gather, collect
sed - but
parce - sparingly
comedo - eat
vero - truly, in fact
non - not, no
audeo - dare
nisi - unless
iam - now, already
corrumpo - spoil, rot, corrupt
ille - that, that one
filius - son
liberalis - generous
amicus - friend
ad - to, towards
pomarium - orchard
duco - lead, conduct
do - give
dico - say, speak
accipio - receive, accept, take
ex - from, out of, of
omnis - all, every, whole
qui - who, which, that
volo - wish, will, want
praeter - except for, besides
modus - mode, manner, size
pater - father
meus - my, mine
placeo - please
praeceptum - lesson, order, precept
libenter - freely, gladly
obtempero - obey, comply
M0984 (not in Perry)

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