Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Accipiter, Milvus, et Columbae

Columbae milvum metuunt.
Accipitrem rogant,
"O accipiter, nos defende!"
Accipiter annuit,
et columbam eum in columbare recipiunt.
Sed accipiter magnam stragem edit.
Uno die, accipiter plures columbas necat
quam milvus longo tempore.
Fabula docet:
malorum patrocinium vitandum est!

This story is based on 423. Accipiter, Milvus, et Columbae.
Milvus et Columbae - Osius

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India Ollerenshaw said...

I've just started learning Latin properly, after pottering about on my own for a couple of years. Your simplified fables are very useful at this stage, especially in tandem with NoDictionaries for easy vocab assistance.

(You may remember, we spoke once before about fables - I used a couple of your translations in a medieval collection I made.)

Laura Gibbs said...

Thank you for your note! I am really encouraged that people like the simple fables. One of my goals in making the giant Aesop book last summer was to have a huge storehouse of fables to draw on in order to do a book of super-simple fables either next summer or the summer after. I'll be blogging 3-4 every week just to build up the raw materials to work with when I get around to writing that book! :-)