Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Lupus et Puer Mendax

Puer mendax patris gregem pascit.
Hic puer libenter alios ludificatur.
Aliquando ingentem clamorem tollit,
"Auxilio venite; lupus adest!"
Rustici propere accurrunt,
et puer eos ridet.
Proximo mense,
puer hunc dolum repetit.
Paulo post, re vera lupus apparet.
Iam rursus clamat,
"Auxilio venite; lupus adest!"
At nemo accurrit.
Maiore voce clamat, lacrimat, eiulat;
frustra omnia.
Rustici dicunt,
"Tertium nos decipere vult."
Ita lupus in gregem irrumpit
et plurimas oves dilaniat.

This story is based on 76. Lupus et Puer Mendax.

Puer Mendax

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lupus - wolf
et - and
puer - boy
mendax - lying, liar
pater - father
grex - flock
pasco - graze
hic - this, this one
libenter - willingly, gladly
alius - other, another
ludificor - make fun of, toy with
aliquando - sometime, at any time
ingens - huge, enormous
clamor - outcry, shouting
tollo - raise
auxilium - help
venio - come
adsum - be present, be here
rusticus - rural, farmer
propere - quickly, speedily
accurro - run, run to
is - he/she/it
rideo - laugh, mock
proximus - next
mensis - month
dolus - trick, treachery
repeto - repeat
paulo - by a little bit, a little
post - afterwards, later
res - thing, business
verus - true, real
appareo - appear, show up
iam - now
rursus - again
clamo - shout
at - but
nemo - no one, nobody
maior - bigger, greater, louder
vox - voice
lacrimo - weep, cry
eiulo - lament, wail
frustra - in vain
omnis - all, every
dico - say, speak
tertius - third
nos - we, us
decipio - deceive, trick
volo - want, will, wish
ita - thus, so
irrumpo - burst in, invade
plurimus - many
ovis - sheep
dilanio - tear to pieces, mangle

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