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Fabula Facilis: Asinus, Gallus, et Leo

Gallus cum asino pascitur;
leo autem asinum invadit.
Gallus exclamat,
et leo fugere incipit,
nam leones galli vocem timent.
Asinus dicit,
"Leo propter me fugit!
Ego leonem nunc invadam!"
Asinus sic leonem persequitur.
Tunc, procul a gallicinio,
leo convertitur et asinum devorat.
Asinus, moriens, clamat,
"Iusta patior!
Ex pugnacibus parentibus non natus sum.
Quamobrem in aciem irrui?"

This story is based on 235. Asinus, Gallus, et Leo.
Gallus, Asinus et Leo

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Medici Aesop images. You can read the whole story from right to left: first the rooster, then the donkey chasing the lion, then the donkey being eaten by that same lion!
asinus - donkey
gallus - rooster
et - and
leo - lion
cum - with, together with
pascor - feed, graze
autem - but, however
invado - attack
exclamo - cry out
fugio - flee, run away
incipio - begin
nam - for, because
vox - voice, sound
timeo - fear
dico - say, speak
propter - on account of
ego - I, me
nunc - now
sic - in this way, thus
persequor - pursue, chase
tunc - then
procul - far, at a distance
a - from
gallicinium - cock-crow
convertor - turn, turn around
devoro - devour, consume
morior - die
clamo - shout
iustus - just, right
patior - suffer, endure
ex - from, out from, out of
pugnax - fighting, pugnacious
parens - parent, mother, father
non - not, no
nascor - be born
quamobrem - for what reason, why
in - in, into
acies - battle line, battle
irruo - rush into
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