Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Servus Nihil Faciens

Vir verberibus servum maxime castigat
ob pigritiam.
Servus clamat,
"Cur me verberas?
Nihil enim facio."
At herus respondet,
"Propter id ipsum te verbero,
quod nihil facis."

This story is based on 955. Servus Nihil Faciens.

servus - slave, servant
nihil - nothing
facio - do, make
vir - man
verber - lash, whip, beating
maxime - the most, very greatly
castigo - punish, chastise
ob - because of, on account of
pigritia - laziness
clamo - shout, cry
cur - why
ego - I, me
verbero - beat, strike, whip
enim - for, the fact is
at - but, on the other hand
herus - master
respondeo - answer, reply
propter - near, on account of
is - he/she/it
ipse - (him/her/it)self
tu - you
quod - because, because of the fact that
M0955 (not in Perry)

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