Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Pulex et Homo

Pulex hominem mordet;
homo extemplo pulicem comprehendit.
Pulex homini dicit,
"Oro, ut me mittas,
bestiolam tam minutam,
et tam levis punctuli ream!"
At homo ille renuit et,
hostem enecans, dicit,
"Hoc modo
docere volo pulices omnes,
et ceteros similes,
quam periculosum sit
homines pungere,
quorum digiti
facile vos opprimere possunt."

This story is based on 702. Pulex et Homo.

Pulex et Homo

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pulex - flea
et - and
homo - person, man
mordeo - bite
extemplo - immediately
comprehendo - grasp, catch, seize
dico - say, speak
oro - ask, beg, implore
ut - so that, that, in order to
ego - I, me
mitto - let go, send away
bestiola - tiny creature
tam - so
minutus - tiny
levis - light, slight
punctulum - tiny bite, sting
reus - guilty
at - but, on the other hand
ille - that, that, one
renuo - refuse, shake head "no"
hostis - enemy
eneco - kill, kill off
hic - this, this one
modus - way, manner, mode
doceo - teach
volo - want, wish, will
omnis - all, entire, every
ceterus - other, remaining, rest
similis - similar, like
quam - how
periculosus - dangerous, perilous
sum - be, exist
pungo - sting, prick
qui - who, which, that
digitus - finger
facile - easily
vos - you (plural)
opprimo - press down, crush
possum - can, be able

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