Monday, December 05, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Poeta et Agricola

Agricola ad poetam accedit;
agros enim poetae colit.
Poetam inter libros solum offendit,
et interrogat,
"Quomodo ita solus vivere potes?"
Poeta ei respondet,
"Solus tantummodo esse coepi,
postquam te huc contulisti."

This story is based on 867. Poeta et Agricola.

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poeta - poet
et - and
agricola - farmer
ad - to, toward
accedo - approach
ager - field
enim - for, the fact is that
colo - cultivate
inter - among
liber - book
solus - alone
offendo - come upon, run into
interrogo - ask, inquire
quomodo - how
ita - thus, in this way, so
solus - alone
vivo - live
possum - can, be able
is - he/she/it
respondeo - answer, reply
tantummodo - only, merely
sum - be, exist
coepi - I began (perfect only)
postquam - after
tu - you
huc - to this place, hither
confero - convey, carry
M0867 (not in Perry)

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