Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Sorices, Mures, et Feles

Feles super fornacem sedet.
Mitram gerit,
baculo suo innitens.
Mures et sorices convocat
et eis dicit,
"Episcopus sum, ut videtis;
ad benedictionem meam inclinate,
mihi obedientes."
Antiquus sorex sic feli respondet,
"Carius est mihi
ut moriar paganus
quam quod fiam christianus
sub vestra manu."
Tunc ergo mures et sorices,
a benedictione ipsius fugientes,
se occultant in suis latebris.
Feles mitram exuit
et episcopatum deponit.

This story is based on 216. Sorices, Mures, et Feles.

sorex - shrew-mouse
mus - mouse
et -
feles - cat
super - above, on top of
fornax - oven
sedeo - sit
mitra - mitre, bishop's mitre
gero - bear, wear, carry on, do
baculum - staff, scepter, crozier
suus - reflexive possessive pronoun
innitor - lean on
convoco - call together
is - he/she/it
dico - say, speak
episcopus - bishop
sum - be, exist
ut - as, so, so that
video - see
ad - towards, to
benedictio - blessing
meus - my, mine
inclino - bend, bow down
ego - I, me
obedio - obey, listen to
antiquus - old, ancient, elderly
sic - in this way, thus
respondeo - answer, reply
carus - dear, precious, valuable
morior - die
paganus - pagan
quam - than
quod - that
fio - become
christianus - Christian
sub - under
vester - your (polite, formal)
manus - hand
tunc - then
ergo - therefore
ipse - (him/her/it)self, the very one
fugio - flee, run away
se - reflexive pronoun
occulto - hide, conceal
in - in, into
latebra - hiding place
exuo - pull off, take off
episcopatus - office of bishop
depono - put down, set aside
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