Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Pulex, Homo, et Hercules

Pulex insilit in pedem hominis.
Herculem invocat,
et rogat,
"Hunc pulicem opprime, quaeso!"
Sed mox
pulex se illinc saltu subducit,
Ille homo cum gemitu dicit,
"O Hercules,
quid opis
ego abs te exspectare possum
in magnis periculis,
si contra pulicem mihi non ades?"

This story is based on 703. Pulex, Homo, et Hercules.

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pulex - flea
homo - persona, man
et - and
Hercules - Hercules
insilio - leap in, jump on
in - in, into
pes - foot
invoco - call upon, invoke
rogo - ask, ask for
hic - this, this one
opprimo - crush, overwhelm
quaeso - beg, ask for
sed - but
mox - soon, next
se - reflexive pronoun
illinc - from there
saltus - leap, jump
subduco - carry off, transfer
impune - without punishment, safely
cum - with
gemitus - moan, groan
dico - say, speak
O - oh! o!
quid - what
ops - help, power, influence
ego - I
abs - from, by
tu - you
exspecto - await, expect, hope for
possum - can, be able
magnus - great, large
periculum - danger, peril
si - if
contra - against
non - not, no
adsum - be present, appear, aid
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