Monday, October 24, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Asinus Animalia Fugans et Leo

Asinus forte leoni occurrit et dicit,
"Ascendamus in cacumen montis
et videbis:
multa animalia et me timent."
Leo asini verba ridet et respondet,
Veniunt ad locum.
Asinus cum leone stat in loco edito,
et voce magna clamat.
Vulpes et lepores audiunt et fugiunt.
Asinus leoni dicit,
"Vide, O leo!
Animalia me timent!"
Leo ei respondet,
"Poterat et me terrere vox tua,
sed scio te asinum esse."

This story is based on 233. Asinus Animalia Fugans et Leo.
asinus et leo

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the colored Steinhowel images. You can see the frightened foxes and rabbits on the run!
asinus - donkey
animal - animal, creature
fugo - put to flight, chase away
et - and
leo - lion
forte - by chance
occurro - run into, meet
dico - say, speak
ascendo - go up, ascend
in - in, into
cacumen - peak
mons - mountain
video - see
multus - much, many
ego - I, me
timeo - fear, be afraid of
verbum - word
rideo - laugh, laugh at, mock
respondeo - answer, reply
eo - go
venio - come to, reach
ad - to, towards
locum - place
cum - with, together with
sto - stand
editus - high, elevated
vox - voice, sound
magnus - great, big
clamo - shout
vulpes - fox
lepus - rabbit, hare
audio - hear, listen
fugio - flee, runa way
O - o! oh!
is - he/she/it
possum - can, be able
terreo - terrify, frighten
tuus - your, yours
sed - but
scio - know
tu - you
sum - be, exist
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