Saturday, June 04, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Leo Iratus et Puteus

Leo olim iratus est,
odio furens:
leonem alium quaerit,
eum mactare volens,
sed elapsus est.
Leo, frustratus, in puteum offendit.
In puteum inspicit,
et in aquis suam imaginem videt.
Leo clamat,
"Ecce: hostis meus adest!
Eum video in puteo!"
Tunc in puteum irruit,
et sic perit, aquis submersus.
Fabula docet:
Furiosi saepe
plus sibi nocent

quam aliis.

This story is based on 2. Leo Iratus et Puteus.
Leo et Puteus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Kalila-wa-Dimna images from this manuscript. This image does not match the Aesop exactly; here you see a more elaborate story where a rabbit purposefully leads the lion to the well, shows him the reflection, which prompts the lion to the same fatal anger that we see in the Aesop's fable.

leo - lion
irascor - be angry
et - and
puteus - well
olim - once, once upon a time
odium - hatred
furo - rage, rave, be furious
alius - other, another
quaero - seek, look for
is - he/she/it
macto - kill, slaughter
volo - will, wish, want
sed - but
elabor - slip away, escape
frustro - disappoint, frustrate
in - in, into
offendo - run into, come across
inspicio - look into
et - and
aqua - water
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
imago - image, picture
video - see
clamo - shout
ecce - behold! look!
hostis - enemy
meus - my, mind
adsum - be present
tunc - then
irruo - rush into, attack
sic - in this way
pereo - perish, die
submergo - sink under, plunge down
fabula - story, tale, fable
doceo - teach
furiosus - angry, full of rage, furious
saepe - often
plus - more
se - reflexive pronoun
noceo - harm, injure
quam - than
M0002 (not in Perry)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great support to the latin language! I've been learning it since a year ago and now that i found your blog i'll start to practise reading comprehension. How would you translate the last phrase "Saepe furiosi plus sibi quam aliis nocent"? literally, i'm not asking for a similar moral in english. Thanks again!

Laura Gibbs said...

I am so glad if the stories can be helpful! Reading is my favorite way to practice and learn new words. :-)
That one is tricky because a word is missing but implied by the parallel. See if this helps!
plus sibi (nocent)
quam aliis nocent.
people who are angry
hurt themselves more
than they hurt others.

Aguadillanus said...

Primum Non nocere .... te ipsum

Laura Gibbs said...

ipsum iratum! :-)