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Fabula Facilis: Crocodilus et Canis

In Aegypto,
canes bibunt ex Nilo flumine,
et quando bibunt, currunt.
Hoc modo crocodillos effugiunt!
Crocodilus quidam igitur
sic cani dicit,
qui ex Nilo bibit, rapide currens:
"Noli timere, amice!
Bibe, quaeso, quod tibi libet."
Canis crocodilo sic respondet:
"Facerem hoc quod dicis,
sed scio bene:
tu carnis meae cupidus es!"

This story is based on 582. Crocodilus et Canis.
Canis et Crocodilus

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crocodillus - crocodile
et - and
canis - dog
in - in, into
Aegyptus - Egypt
bibo - drink
ex - from, out of
Nilus - Nile
flumen - rier, stream
et - and
quando - when
curro - run
hic - this
modus - measure, manner, way
effugio - flee, escape, run away from
quidam - a certain, one
igitur - therefore
sic - so, thus, in this way
dico - say
qui - who, which, that
rapide - quickly, rapidly
nolo - do not, will not
timeo - fear, be afraid
amicus - friend
quaeso - ask, beg
tu - you
libet - it pleases
respondeo - answer, reply
facio - do, make
sed - but
scio - know
bene - well
caro - meat, flesh
meus - my, mine
cupidus - eager for, desirous
sum - be
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