Friday, June 24, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Haedus in Tecto et Lupus

Haedus stat
parte superiori altissimae domūs,
et lupum videt praetereuntem.
Haedus eum conviciis insectatur,
et lupus haedo respondet,
"Non tu mihi convicia haec ingeris,
sed locus in quo degis."
Fabula significat:
Contra potentiores
et locus et tempus audaciam addunt.

This story is based on 329. Haedus in Tecto et Lupus.
Haedus in Tecto et Lupus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all J. M. Conde's color Aesop illustrations. I wonder what insults the kid might be hurling at such an elegant wolf!

haedus - kid, young goat
in - in, into
tectum - root
et - and
lupus - wolf
sto - stand
pars - part
superior - upper, higher
altus - high, tall, deep
domus - house
et - and
video - see
praetereo - walk by, go along
is - he/she/it
convicium - shout, angry noise, outcry
insector - pursue, persecute
respondeo - answer, reply
non - no, not
tu - you
ego - I
hic - this
ingero - carry in, heap up, throw on
sed - but
locus - place, situation
qui - who, which, that
dego - spend time, wait, remain
fabula - story, fable
significo - indicate, show
contra - against
potentior - more powerful
tempus - time, opportunity
audacia - boldness, daring, courage
addo - add, attach to, increase
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