Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Canis in Praesepe et Bos

Praesepe faeni plenum est.
In praesepe canis decumbit.
Bos advenit et faenum comedere vult.
Canis invidus est!
Confestim se erigit et tota voce elātrat,
"Hoc faenum meum est!"
Bos respondet,
“Dii te perdant cum ista tua invidia!
Tu enim faeno non vesceris,
et me vesci non sinis.”

This story is based on 357. Canis in Praesepi et Bos.

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canis - dog
in - in, into
praesepes - manger, stall
et - and
bos - cow, ox
faenum - hay
plenus - full
sum - be, exist
decumbo - lie down
advenio - come, arrive
comedo - eat
volo - want, wish, will
invidus - envious, jealous, grudging
confestim - suddenly, without delay
se - reflexive pronoun
erigo - rise up
totus - all, entire
vox - voice
elatro - bark, shout out
hic - this, this one
meus - my, mine
respondeo - answer, reply
deus - god
tu - you
perdo - ruin, destroy
cum - with, together with
iste - that, that there
tuus - your, yours
invidia - envy, jealousy
enim - the fact is, for
non - not, no
vescor - feed on, eat
ego - I, me
sino - allow, permit

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