Friday, January 30, 2009

Simplified Fable 17: Agricola et Ciconia

Now that I have finished the Segmented Grammar Commentaries on the fables (see the Complete Fables List for links), I'll be working through the fables again, this time providing "Simplified" versions of the fables. So, here is today's Simplified fable - Fable 17: Agricola et Ciconia, a fable that teaches about the dangers of hanging out with the wrong crowd!

For more information about how these simplified versions of the fable can be useful to you, see this note about Simplified Fables at the Aesopus Ning.

Here is a Google Presentation version (larger version also available):

The original version is as follows:
Laqueum praetendit Rusticus gruibus anseribusque, sata depascentibus. Capitur et Ciconia. Supplicat illa et innocentem sese clamitat, nec Gruem nec Anserem esse, sed avium omnium optimam, quippe quae parentibus sedulo inservire eundemque senio confectum alere consueverat. Agricola: “Horum (inquit) nihil me fugit; verum cum nocentibus postquam te cepi, cum nocentibus morieris.”
Here are the simplified sentences as they appear in the slideshow:

Laqueum praetendit Rusticus.

Laqueum praetendit Rusticus gruibus.

Laqueum praetendit Rusticus gruibus anseribusque.

Grues et anseres sata depascuntur.

Laqueum praetendit Rusticus gruibus anseribusque, sata depascentibus.

Capitur Ciconia.

Capitur et Ciconia.

Ciconia supplicat:

Ciconia clamitat:

"Innocens sum!"

Ciconia se innocentem esse clamitat.

Ciconia clamitat:

"Grus non sum!"

"Anser non sum!"

"Nec Grus nec Anser sum!"

Ciconia se nec Gruem nec Anserem esse clamitat.

Ciconia clamitat:

"Avium omnium optima sum!"

Ciconia se avium omnium optimam esse clamitat.

Ciconia parentibus inservire consueverat.

Ciconia parentibus sedulo inservire consueverat.

Ciconia parentem alere consueverat.

Ciconia parentem senio confectum alere consueverat.

Agricola inquit:

"Horum nihil me fugit."

"Te cepi."

"Cum nocentibus te cepi."

"Cum nocentibus morieris!"

"Cum nocentibus postquam te cepi, cum nocentibus morieris."

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