Sunday, October 02, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Canes Duo et Os

Canes duo sunt:
Nero et Phylax.
Una inveniunt eximium os.
Uterque totum os postulat;
rixa exardescit;
postremo amici pugnam committunt.
Solum fluit
Tandem Phylax Neronem fugat!
Phylax victor ad locum redit
ubi praedam reliquit.
At abest os!
Canis prudentior os abstulerat,
dum illi pugnabant.

This story is based on 350. Canes Duo et Os.

canis - dog
duo - two
et - and
os - bone
sum - be, exist
Nero - Nero
Phylax - Phyax
una - together
invenio - find, come up
eximius - excellent, outstanding
uterque - each (of two)
totus - whole, entire
postulo - claim, demand
rixa - quarrel
exardesco - grow hot, flare up
postremo - next, following
amicus - friendly, friend
pugna - fight
committo - unite, engage, bring about
solum - ground, soil
fluo - flow
sanguis - blood
tandem - finally
fugo - put to flight, chase away
exsulto - rejoice, jump about
victor - victor, conqueror
ad - to, towards
locus - place
redeo - go back, return
ubi - where
praeda - prize, booty
relinquo - leave
at - but, on the contrary
absum - be away, be absent
prudens - sensible, discerning
aufero - carry off, take away
dum - while
ille - that, that one
pugno - fight, do battle
M0350 (not in Perry)

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